How Do You Get Cellphone Replacement Parts?


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Purchase mobile phone replacement parts on websites such as MobileDefenders.com, Amazon.com, Parts4Repair.com and ETradeSupply.com. Local mobile phone repair companies are also frequently willing to sell replacement mobile phone parts to customers.

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ETradeSupply.com sells phone accessories and replacement parts; the site displays a list of most major mobile phone manufacturers on the left side of the home page under the column labeled All Brands. Manufacturers listed include Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry and Nokia.

To find replacement parts on ETradeSupply.com, select the manufacturer of the mobile phone you wish to repair. This opens a page that lists different series or phone models created by the manufacturer. The next page lists all of the mobile phone service carriers. Select the appropriate carrier from the list. After the next page loads, you can either browse through the catalog of available mobile phone replacement parts or perform a search using the search box on this page.

As of 2015, ETradeSupplies carries phone replacement parts such as the LCD and digitizer assembly for many different phone models, Apple iPhone batteries, rear and front-facing cameras, charging port flex cables, and more. Repair shops that create an account on ETradeSupply.com get discounts when purchasing products for the business.

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