How Do You Find Cell Towers?


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To find cell towers, visit AnetannaSearch.com, fill in your address, and submit your search details to view nearby cell towers on a map. The site displays the existing and future cell towers within 3 miles of the specified location.

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AntennaSearch.com maintains a database with detailed information on more than two million cell towers and antennas in the United States. Users search for cell towers by logging into the site, filling the search boxes with their street addresses, cities and states, and submitting their search criteria. The website displays nearby cell towers on Google Maps. Users get detailed information on existing towers, towers pending construction approval and antennas. The site highlights existing towers in blue and future towers and antennas in red. The site uses different symbols to distinguish between towers and antennas.

AntennaSearch.com also allows users to view the ownership details and contact information for the cell towers and antennas displayed. Users can use this information to find the cell coverage of different operators in a given area. Users can also use cell tower information to explore tower densities and conduct research and planning.

Individuals on the AT&T network can also register on AttTowers.com to view the location and data of AT&T towers.

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