Which Cell Phones Offer Long-Distance Calling?


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As of 2015, almost all cellular service providers provide long distance calling within the United States at no additional charge as part of their standard service plans. However, it may be necessary to purchase additional services beyond a basic wireless plan to make international calls. Most cellular providers also offer international calling plans as part of or in addition to their basic service plans.

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Though long-distance calling in the United States is generally a standard feature of modern cellular phone services, there is still considerable variance among the level of international calling services available from different providers.

Services such as Straight Talk Wireless offer unlimited calling to some countries but may only allow unlimited calls to specific countries or a certain number of pre-defined foreign phone numbers. Other services adopt a model similar to that used by Verizon Wireless in which an additional monthly charge buys a certain number of minutes that are good for use with any foreign number. Many services also offer discounted prices for minutes restricted to calls to Mexico and Canada, including Verizon Wireless. Prepaid services such as Boost Mobile also offer international calling, though most usually require customers to purchase a certain number of minutes in bulk before making international calls.

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