What Are Some Cell Phone Tricks?


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You can see infrared light and detect health problems through the digital camera on an Android phone and set up voicemail for contacts you do not want to talk to without manually screening every call. You can politely ignore calls when you are busy without people thinking you are rude by sending a customized text message telling them you will call back later.

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To view infrared light, focus your Android's camera at the top of the remote controller and push any button on the remote while looking into the camera. You will not see any infrared light if the batteries of the remote are dead. When you take pictures of the eye, you may notice the “Red Eye Effect” where the pupils appear red. Sometimes one eye will appear red while the other may seem white. This scenario is often a sign of diseases such as retinoblastoma and melanoma.

You can send a person’s call straight to voicemail by loading up the individual’s contact card, tapping on Edit, and scrolling down to Additional Info. From the list, tap on "Send straight to voicemail," and all calls from that person will go straight to voicemail. You can create a customized text message by going to Phone Settings, tapping on Quick Responses, and entering the preferred text when prompted. Swipe the screen to send a canned response when you cannot answer a call.

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