Which Cell Phone Shops Offer Free Shipping?

Which Cell Phone Shops Offer Free Shipping?

Verizon Wireless, Straight Talk and T-Mobile are cell phone retailers that offer free shipping. Verizon and T-Mobile provide free shipping on all device orders, and Straight Talk provides free shipping on all device orders that meet its minimum price requirements.

Free shipping on Verizon devices applies to both devices shipped to a Verizon store and devices shipped to the customer's home. It is applicable to phones at all price points. If a device ordered online is available in a local Verizon store, the customer may pick the device up there without waiting for shipping.

Verizon also offers free shipping on non-phone orders that meet a minimum price requirement. This minimum price is subject to change; the current minimum for free shipping on accessory orders is listed on Verizon's website.

T-Mobile devices that ship for free include certified pre-owned devices, phones bought at full price and phones paid off in installments. Installment plans require a credit check, and are only available to customers who qualify based on credit rating. The interest rate charged on these plans varies based on the customer's credit score.

All of Straight Talk's qualifying phones are sold at full price. This store does not offer installment plans. Phones that are part of bundles qualify for free shipping as long as the bundle meets Straight Talk's minimum price point. The current pricing requirement for free shipping is listed on Straight Talk's online store and is subject to change.