What Are Some Cell Phone Abbreviations Used for Texting?

What Are Some Cell Phone Abbreviations Used for Texting?

Some phone abbreviations used in texting include: 4COL, ^5, LOL and NP. The abbreviation 4COL means ?for crying out loud,? ^5 is short for ?high five,? LOL stands for ?laughing out loud? and NP is ?no problem.?

Some texting abbreviations have more than one meaning. LOL, for example, can also stand for ?lots of love.? The context in which LOL is used determines how the sender meant for it to be used.

While abbreviations are used when texting on cellphones, they are also used with other real-time text-based communications such as online gaming and email. Texting abbreviations are often used on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A British engineer named Neil Papworth was the first person to ever send a text message. The message was sent from a desktop computer to a cellphone on Dec. 3, 1992. Papworth sent the message, which simply read ?Merry Christmas,? to his boss.

As of 2012, a study by World Bank estimated that nearly three-quarters of the world population has access to a cellphone. Every day, trillions of text messages are sent. A study by U.S. Pew Internet found that 63 percent of teens text daily. In some cases, teens send over 100 texts a day.