What Are Some Celebrity Snapchat Usernames?


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As of 2015, some display names that celebrities use on Snapchat include Miley Cyrus' "MileyCyrus," Chris Brown's "BPChrisBrown" and Ryan Seacrest's "RyanSeacrest." The exact display name depends on the time a user searches for the celebrity through Snapchat, since Snapchat users can change their display names at any time.

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Many celebrities use Snapchat to provide glimpses into their personal lives. Some celebrities also use the service to provide information about upcoming events. Ryan Seacrest uses Snapchat to take pictures with his celebrity friends.

Snapchat is a social networking app that allows users to take photos of a variety of media content and send it to other Snapchat users on their lists. Once the user sends the content, the recipient has a limited time to view the media. After the time lapses, the message automatically deletes with the intention of not being available for users to see in the future.

Although the app does not permit users to save the messages, some users have the ability to take screenshots of the messages on certain platforms, such as the iOS operating system available with an iPhone. Users can also utilize other recording devices to copy the media content they received.

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