What Are the Causes of a Physical Memory Dump?

causes-physical-memory-dump Credit: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

A physical memory dump, popularly known as the "Blue Screen of Death," is caused by either a software malfunction or a hardware malfunction. To be more specific, software issues include a corrupt registry, DLL errors, COM errors or HIVE crashes. Hardware issues include faulty RAM, overheating or an insufficient power supply unit.

If the problem is software oriented, the first and easiest method to fix the problem is to reboot the computer. According to PC Magazine, rebooting the computer is often the most successful method in fixing the physical dump. If the problem is reoccurring, steps must be taken individually in order to eliminate the possibilities. Removing unnecessary hardware—such as webcams, gamepads, and additional storage—from the computer may provide clues if the problem is hardware related.

Third-party programs can detect if the RAM is corrupted, and it can be easily replaced by even a layman. The power supply is also another hardware component that can be replaced without much difficulty, although electrical safety should be emphasized. Assuming the problem is related to the software, cleaning the registry may work—although this is risky for an inexperienced individual. If that fails, a full reinstallation of the operating system is likely to fix the problem.