What Causes a Laptop Touchpad to Stop Working?


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A laptop touchpad may stop working due to freezing of the operating system, corruption of operating system files, interference by an external device or outdated drivers. The touchpad may also be disabled in the BIOS settings or in the touchpad settings.

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If the operating system is frozen or unresponsive, restart the laptop, and check whether the touchpad is responsive. If the touchpad is unresponsive due to corrupt operating system files, activate a restore point at a date prior to the when the touchpad stopped working. If there isn't an available restore point, perform an operating system repair installation. If the touchpad stopped working due to a new external device, turn off the laptop, disconnect all external devices, restart the laptop, and check whether the touchpad is functional.

If the touchpad's drivers are outdated, open the Device Manager, select Mice and Other Pointing Devices, locate the touchpad, right-click it, and click Update Driver Software. To check whether the touchpad is enabled in BIOS settings, open the BIOS setup, and navigate to the Hardware Device settings. If touchpad is disabled, enable it, save the settings, and restart the laptop.

If the touchpad has incorrect settings, search the phrase "mouse settings" in the Start Menu, and click Change Mouse Settings. Once the Mouse Properties window opens, click the tab for the touchpad, enable all options, click Apply, and then click OK.

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