What Causes a Laptop to Keep Turning Itself Off?


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Several things can cause a laptop to turn itself off, including overheating. Laptops have a cooling fan built-in to reduce overheating of the internal components.

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If the cooling fan does not function properly, or if dust and debris begins building up, it can cause the laptop to overheat. Some laptops shut down when they reach too high of a temperature. To prevent this issue, users should ensure the laptop is free of dust and debris. If it begins to overheat, shut it down manually.

Malware problems can also cause a laptop to shut down automatically. Different types of malware affect computers differently, but this issue can be avoided if users ensure they have proper virus and malware protection at all times.

Battery and charger issues can also cause a laptop to shut down. If the charger begins to malfunction, it will not charge the battery properly. This can be fixed if users replace the charger with one specified by the manufacturer. A loose adapter inside the computer can also cause these problems, although this is to harder to fix. A battery not charging properly can also cause a laptop to shut down. Users should ensure the battery charges and if it will not charge, it might need replaced.

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