What Causes an IPad to Be so Slow?


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An iPad can be slow as a result of an application running in the background that may take up too much memory or processing power. This is a common problem that is relatively easy to fix.

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The first thing to do to fix a slow iPad is to remove the most recent app from its memory. Generally, an iPad runs multiple apps by suspending ones that are no longer active and enabling part of the app to keep running. For instance, an app such as Pandora is still able to send music to the speakers even after it has been closed.

Double click the home button to bring up a list of all running applications. Touch the window, and swipe toward the top of the screen to close an app. Close the first four to five apps, and check to determine if the problem is fixed. If the problem persists, reboot the iPad by holding down the sleep/awake button until instructions appear, prompting you to slide a button to power off the iPad. If this doesn’t fix the problem, clear up a little more space. In some cases, a single app may cause the iPad to perform poorly. Delete apps such as rarely used games. Other possible solutions include deleting the device's browser's cookies and web history.

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