What Causes Internet Buffering?

Videos that are being watched on the Internet that begin to buffer can be caused by the network provider, slow Internet speeds, a home network not being up to par and a computer running slow. These problems can cause the videos to not be pushed through the computer system as quickly as they are intended to be.

When a network provider has a high numbers of videos being watched at one time, its servers can begin to slow down and this affects the way that videos are played. This happens more when there are extremely popular videos that have just made their debut. Internet speeds in the home can also be a cause of buffering videos. Some Internet providers offer packages that are not equipped to handle the amount of data that is pushed through when a video is watched.

Slow computers do not run as well as computers that are up to date and equipped to operate at quicker speeds. They are not able to compute the data that is sent through them efficiently and may become slower when videos are watched. A home network is sometimes the cause for a buffering video. When there are many devices connected to one network, the Internet will not work as fast as it would if there were only one device connected to it.