What Causes Abnormal Program Termination?

What Causes Abnormal Program Termination?

Abnormal program termination can occur when there is a software resource conflict, an unexpected resource error, a software malfunction or damaged America Online software. Analysis of what was being performed at the time of the error helps in identifying the cause.

Most frequently, abnormal terminations are caused by two software programs conflicting with each other by trying to use the same resources for data. This can cause one or both software programs to no longer function. In these cases, Windows terminates both programs.

Resource errors can be either internal or external to the computer. When visiting a web page, its server is contacted by the browser. The Internet session may be terminated if there is an error when connecting with the web page's server.

Glitches within the software programs themselves, including corrupted files or tampered lines of code, could cause Windows to terminate the program. If other error causes do not seem likely, analysis of the software itself may be required to repair the error.

If America Online software is installed on the computer, an abnormal program termination can occur when the software is running and is damaged. Removing the software from the computer, cleaning the temporary directory and reinstalling the software fixes the error.