What Is a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens?


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A Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens is a state-of-the-art glass formation specifically designed for highly detailed photographic visual recording. The lenses are derived from the designs of Carl Zeiss, and they are famously used by Sony.

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Carl Zeiss was a German optical products manufacturer in the later 1800s. He began his optical career by developing microscopes before meeting his partners Ernest Abbe and Otto Schott. This trio went on to develop lenses that set the worldwide standard for optics. They were the first to create large scale manufacturing that offered identical quality in everything that they produced. It was Paul Rudolph, after working under Carl Zeiss, who truly created the Tessar lens. As the lenses evolved, along came the Vario-Tessar, a lens that is barely based upon the original lenses created by Rudolph. It utilizes a high-definition zoom lens that is known for offering quality at an affordable price, which is one of the only things that makes it like the original Tessar.

Sony partnered with the Carl Zeiss company in 1996 and began to incorporate the Tessar-Vario lens in smaller photographic cameras. To this day the Carl Zeiss Tessar-Vario lenses are still known for delivering high-quality images at moderate prices.

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