What Are the Capabilities of a Smart TV?

Specific capabilities of smart TVs vary between brands and models, but the most common features include the ability to watch streaming video on demand, browse the Internet and download programs and applications. Smart TVs typically offer all the features of a normal TV in addition to online features.

Access to streaming video services is one of the most common and notable features of smart TVs. In addition to free services such as YouTube, music videos or movie trailers, smart TVs offer connectivity to popular streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go, allowing users to access these online services and stream whatever content they want at any time. Many specific channels also offer streaming services that allow users to catch up on past episodes of current shows.

Internet browsing is another near-universal feature of smart TVs. Most sets come standard with browsers that offer much of the functionality of a smartphone or computer, allowing users to access websites such as Facebook or Twitter. Many smart TVs also offer support for video conference services such as Skype as well as other messaging programs.

Finally, most smart TVs offer a selection of downloadable apps that users can select from, similar to smartphones. From games to exercise apps, smart TVs are increasingly offering consumers the ability to do more than just watch TV. However, app selection can vary widely between smart TVs, with some manufacturers providing more limited selections.