How Can a Windows XP Home Upgrade Be Accessed?


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To access an upgrade for a PC using Windows XP Home, purchase a supported version of Windows and perform a clean installation of the operating system. Microsoft no longer supports upgrading older Windows versions to Windows XP Home.

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Before purchasing upgraded software, determine whether the PC is capable of running a 64-bit operating system. This information is found in the system information menu. Access this menu by right-clicking My Computer and choosing Properties. Systems capable of running a 64-bit operating system display "x64 Edition" in the system information. If this label is missing, purchase a 32-bit edition of Windows.

Windows XP Home cannot directly upgrade to any supported version of Windows. Instead, perform a clean installation of the new Windows version. A clean installation erases all information on the hard drive, so back up any documents, photos or media files on the drive before performing the installation.

Because all files on the hard drive are erased, Microsoft recommends locating program installation discs or confirmation emails prior to beginning the new installation. This ensures that necessary programs can be installed on the new operating system in a timely manner. Also locate and back up necessary product keys prior to beginning the installation, as these are erased with the rest of the data.

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