Where Can You Find a Wi-Fi Printer?


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Wireless printers that use Wi-Fi to connect to computers and other devices are available from most major retailers including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Staples and Fry's Electronics. These retailers sell printers both online and in-store. As of 2015, the highest-quality wireless printers come from HP, Brother, Canon and Epson, according to a study by PC Magazine.

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Best Buy, a national electronic retailer, offers an extensive inventory of wireless printers. Brands such as HP, Epson and Canon feature all-in-one functioning, high-quality image printing and compact sizes for small spaces. Prices range from affordable to expensive depending on quality. Some wireless printers are best for offices that have high paper output, while others are ideal for home use.

Big-box retailer Wal-Mart offers wireless printers at affordable prices, making it a good option for budget-conscious consumers. The retailer sells popular brands such as HP, Dell, Epson, Canon and Samsung and offers all-in-one inkjet or digital printing options. Most wireless printers come with Bluetooth technology, fax capability and memory card readers.

Like Best Buy and Wal-Mart, Staples offers a wide variety of wireless printers. Staples offers the major brands and markets their printers to businesses. Many of the printers are geared toward offices with multiple workstations.

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