How Can You Watch Persian Satellite TV?

How Can You Watch Persian Satellite TV?

Watch Persian-language satellite television using free-to-air satellite networks such as Manoto1, BBC Persian Television and Voice of America Persian TV. These stations are free and legal to watch in the United States using privately owned satellite equipment.

Satellite television is banned in Iran; none of these Persian-language stations broadcasts from within the country. Manoto1 and BBC Persian Television are both based in the United Kingdom, and Voice of America Persian TV is based in the United States.

Manoto1 provides news, documentaries and entertainment programming. Its entertainment programming includes both original shows such as "Why Not?" and subtitled broadcasts of English-language programming such as "Grimm." Its documentary programming includes the economic show "Money Matters" and the prime time magazine "Manoto Plus."

BBC Persian Television is the British Broadcasting Company's Persian-language news service. Its target audience is Persian speakers in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It broadcasts both news programs and dubbed versions of English-language entertainment programming. Dubbed shows available include "Top Gear" and "BBC Sound."

Voice of America broadcasts both radio and satellite television in Persian. The channel is broadcast by the United States government and is dedicated to news and politics. The ban on broadcasting Voice of America to residents of the United States is no longer in effect as of 2013. This makes it legal for Americans to access its radio and television programs.