How Can You Watch NBC Live on a PC?

NBC live streaming can be watched on a PC by going to the Live portion of the website. NBC live stream can only be watched on computers that are located in specific NBC affiliate locations and requires a TV service provider user name and password as login credentials.

As of 2015, NBC live steaming is free for all customers that are registered with a participating TV service provider, and it can also be viewed through mobile devices. Mobile viewing of NBC live requires the installation of the NBC application, which can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices. NBC live stream viewing is not available outside of the United States or in certain regions where the local NBC affiliate station is not included in the stream.

NBC live stream is customized to display only content local to the TV service provider's region. NBC does not provide a stream that is viewable nationally in the United States. Customers are only required to login once to view the NBC live stream, but may be required to enter their login credentials every 30 to 90 days, depending on their service providers' requirements. New visitors to the website are also provided access to the NBC live stream for a limited period of time before login credentials are required.