How Can You Watch Chinese Dramas Online? and allow users to watch various Chinese dramas online. Both websites allow free streaming for most shows with some commercial interruptions and provide English subtitles. Users are given the option to eliminate all commercials by upgrading to a premium membership. Both services provide a brief description for each Chinese drama, and list how many episodes for the drama are available. Both websites also allow video streaming on various devices, including tablets and smartphones.

DramaFever is one of the largest online video streaming services for international programming. As of 2016, the service is available in over 10 countries and also provides a large collection of films and documentaries. DramaFever offers several premium subscription plans that contain HD video quality content and other special offers. Hulu also provides its video content from around the world with subscription plans beginning at $7.99 per month.

Chinese dramas are TV shows that are similar to North American series but usually last longer. Most Chinese dramas are divided into separate categories, such as historical and comedy. Episodes usually end in a cliffhanger, with the following episodes running together to explain a series of events related to the main plot. This allows for the drama to explain the plot and its various characters in more detail than a short film.