Where Can You Find Verizon Cable TV Listings?

Verizon cable TV (otherwise known as Verizon FiOS) listings can be found on the Verizon FiOS website. The site is built to sell the service to prospective customers, but it also has a feature that allows shoppers to see the channel lineup for their areas.

The Verizon FiOS website appears to be the only reliable website, as of 2015, where users can find the channel lineup and know the given list is going to be accurate on a daily basis. Because the service is offered across the country, the site shows a different channel lineup depending on where a customer is located.

Those shopping for the service for the first time are alerted if Verizon FiOS isn't offered in their location, with the same tool that displays the lineup. On the main page, there is a search box that pops out and has a window where a zip code can be entered. Once the zip code is entered, the channel lineup for that area is displayed. The lineup changes based on the kind of service a customer is looking for, and how many channels they want to have in their cable package. If a person doesn't have the cable service in his area, the search box returns that message.