How Can You Use the Verizon Wireless Payment Center?

How Can You Use the Verizon Wireless Payment Center?

Use the Verizon Wireless Payment Center by going to a Verizon retail location and paying your bill through an authorized representative. You need a Verizon Wireless account and a method of payment. It takes just a few minutes to complete the entire payment process.

  1. Find a payment location

    Visit Verizon's website to locate a Verizon Wireless Payment Center in your area. Some payment centers are in Verizon Wireless stores within shopping centers, whereas others are located in standalone Verizon Wireless stores.

  2. Pay an authorized agent

    Verizon Wireless Payment Centers in some areas charge a fee to make a payment, but others accept payments for free. Most authorized agents accept cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards. Most payment centers do not accept third-party checks.

  3. Get your receipt

    Check your receipt to make sure that it includes a unique identifying number for the agent who accepted your payment and a unique transaction number. The receipt should also show the amount that was paid and the amount of the payment fee if applicable. It should also show the type of payment you made. Check your online Verizon Wireless account to view your transaction, which should post within approximately three days from when you made your payment.