How Can You Use the V-Chip in Your Television?


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Program the V-chip in a television through the remote control to block access to channels, shows or movies that contain language or other content that is inappropriate for children. The process takes about five minutes, and it requires the television's original remote control.

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  1. Establish a password

    Use the remote control to enter the Setup Menu or Main Menu. Scroll to the V-chip option, which is labeled Parental Controls, Blocks or Locks, depending on the unit. Follow the prompts to enter a password that allows you to control the V-chip.

  2. Select channels to block

    Use the remote control to select the channels you wish to restrict. Navigate to these choices using the arrow, Number, Menu and Select buttons. Save the selections before exiting.

  3. Select ratings to block

    Most television programs and movies have ratings assigned to them based on content. Ratings indicate whether a show includes crude language, violence or mature content. Follow the onscreen prompts to select the ratings you wish to block using the remote control, and save the changes. The rating system does not apply to news reports, sports programs, commercials or home-shopping shows. Ratings are found in most cable program guides, newspaper television listings and network websites.

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