How Can You Use the "My Portfolio" Feature on AOL?

The AOL “My Portfolio” feature syncs to a user's investment accounts to provide investment advice, real-time stock quotes, performance growth and position changes. The tool syncs to 401(k), IRA, brokerage and advisor accounts to consolidate multiple investing channels into one portfolio. The program provides full break-downs for all investments. News feeds, performance charts, risk tolerance report cards and portfolio management advice are built-in features.

The program provides an assortment of data and charts to outline account performance and risk. Users track stock prices to the minute, procure news information on their holdings and analyze investment trends or movements over time.

The “My Portfolio” tool provides several resource centers for casual investors as well. The “Learning Center” provides basic tutorials on all types of investment securities. The “Retirement Center” offers insight on retirement goals, investment strategies and management techniques. The “Tax Center” provides information on investment taxes and incentives. Other tools to promote financial education and prudent spending, such as financial calculators and “savings trackers,” are also available on the “My Portfolio” tool.

The “My Portfolio” tool is available for both desktop and mobile devices. The program’s “DailyFinance” mobile app allows users to track their portfolios and get up-to-the minute market data on their mobile devices.