How Can I Use My Laptop Away From Home?


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According to the Microsoft Windows, a person can use his laptop away from home by staying connected to the Internet and making the laptop’s battery last. For Windows users, an easy way to prepare a laptop for outdoor use is to go to Mobility Center, which is a central location where users can view and change settings for connecting to the Internet and optimizing battery power.

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Microsoft Windows states that it is useful to stay connected to the web by using a wireless network. When using a laptop outside of the home, it is possible to connect to the net from a hotspot. Many hotels, coffee shops, airports and public parks provide Internet hotspots. To make the battery last, it is crucial to use the right power plan in Windows Mobility Center, Microsoft Windows adds. A user has to adjust the screen brightness and unplug unused computer peripherals to make the battery last longer.

About.com suggests that a user allow his laptop to warm up to a safe temperature range, generally between 10 to 35 degrees Celsius, before using it outdoors. About.com also advises to use a laptop hood and glare screen when using a laptop in bright conditions. It also helps to use a laptop stand to disperse the machine’s heat. Lastly, using a removable hard drive for storing data is a wise option to keep data protected outdoors.

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