How Can You Use an IPhone As a Hotspot?

How Can You Use an IPhone As a Hotspot?

How Can You Use an IPhone As a Hotspot?

To set up a personal hot spot using an iPhone, access the settings application and then turn the "personal hot spot" function on. Before turning this setting on, check with your carrier because some users must pay fees for the ability to use the iPhone as a personal hot spot.

  1. Access the settings application

    In the settings application on the iOS device, go to the cellular screen. There are a number of different toggle switches in this screen, including the speed of the over-the-air network you can use. When turning the iPhone into a hot spot, the device should also be set to access LTE networks whenever available if that is an option.

  2. Find the personal hot spot button

    At the bottom of the settings cellular screen is a toggle switch for activating the personal hot spot. Touch this button, so that the toggle switch turns green. This means that the hot spot is active.

  3. Connect to WiFi

    When the personal hot spot switch is toggled on, connect to a WiFi network being broadcast by the iPhone. Some carriers do not offer this function at all, and if it isn't working you may not have permission to use the feature.