Where Can You Find the Universal Remote Control Codes for Apex TVs?

The Eliztech website has universal remote control codes for Apex TVs. The codes are 1236, 1241, 1287 and 1376. In order for a universal remote to communicate with an Apex TV, one of these codes must be entered into the remote.

Every universal remote has a slightly different procedure to connect the remote to the specific device. Typically, users must start by holding down the key that corresponds to the device being programmed, which can be a television, video cassette recorder, Blu-ray, DVD player or satellite. While holding the key, the user must punch in the code for the device being programmed. As the code is being punched in, the on/off light on the remote should turn off.

If the code is correct, the on/off light should come back on as the final number in the code is being hit. If this light does not turn back on but rather blinks a few times, that generally indicates that the code is not correct, and the remote control won't work.

Most universal remotes have an automatic code-searching feature. Searching for the code with this feature can take a lot longer, but this is another effective way to program a universal remote control to a TV.