How Can I Unblock YouTube at School?

can-unblock-youtube-school Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Students can unblock YouTube by accessing the site through proxy sites such as ProxFree. Another option is to use a VPN service like GoTrusted to get around the college block.

It is important to note that undoing a block on YouTube from a college site may violate the terms of service for that college, which could have serious consequences. It is not illegal, but the college may object. A YouTube proxy site filters a user’s IP address through another site in order to fool the college server into thinking that it is not the user’s computer trying to access the site. Sites like ProxFree allow the user to pick what they want their filtered IP address location to be.

These types of sites generally recommend locations that are closest to where the user is located in order to give the fastest speeds. The option to pick other locations in a proxy is also important if the college the user attends is in a country other than the ones that YouTube supports. Some countries, like China, block YouTube on a government level. This means that unblocking the site may require using a location that’s in the United States. Using a VPN program, like GoTrusted, may also unblock YouTube through a similar method.