How Can TV Device Codes Be Searched by Brand? features lists of TV device codes by brand name that work with different types of universal remotes. First determine what kind of code the universal remote requires. This code is anywhere from two to five digits long.

Once you determine the number of digits required, you can find the correct code for your brand of television. includes TV device codes required for programming universal remotes manufactured by Mitsubishi, Zenith, Sony, Logitech and RCA. also includes directions for programming many brands of universal remotes, including those utilized by Comcast, DirectTV and Dish. contains device codes by TV brand for programming either the GE or RCA universal remotes.

Universal remotes can control the audio and video of most home electronics and are easily programmed to do so. Once you determine whether the universal remote requires a code between two to five digits, turn on the television you wish to activate via the universal remote. Point the universal remote towards the television, and press the Television button on the remote. While pressing this button, type in the code assigned to your television brand. Next, release the Television button and the number key at the same time to save this code.

With some universal remotes, you must first hold down the component button until it blinks, enter the TV brand code and then press Enter. To check that the television has been programmed through the universal remote, point the remote towards the television, and press the Power button. If the TV turns on, the set-up is complete.