How Can You Tune Your Guitar Online?


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Tune your guitar online on websites such as Gieson.com, Fender.com, DrumBot.com and Get-Tuned.com, as of January 2016. Whereas the tuners at Fender.com, Get-Tuned.com and Gieson.com play pre-recorded audio clips, the tuner at DrumBot.com uses your device's microphone to detect the pitch of your strings.

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How Can You Tune Your Guitar Online?
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To use the tuner at Gieson.com, choose a tuning from the drop-down menu, and adjust the Delay knob to reflect the time interval you wish to have between notes. Next, click on the first switch to produce the correct pitch for the first string, and tune the first string to match the sound produced. When done, click the second switch, this time tuning the second string. Repeat the procedure all the way to the sixth string. If you prefer the succeeding audio clips to be played automatically, turn on the Auto Advance switch.

The tuner at DrumBot.com only works for standard tuning. To access it, check Allow on the dialog box that requests permission to access your microphone, and click Close. A tuner featuring a needle and a scale ranging from -50 to 50 should appear. To tune a string, pluck it close to the device's microphone, and adjust the tuning peg until the letter at the bottom of the meter corresponds to the correct note of the string. Fine-tune further until the needle points to zero on the scale and the meter turns green.

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