Can You Troubleshoot an Unresponsive Router Using IP


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To use the Internet Protocol address to troubleshoot a network throughput issue, or to tell if a target device is offline, first you need network tools such as ping, traceroute, WhoIs, DNS records and network lookup.

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Before you can use IP address to test whether an unresponsive or under-responsive router is visible on your network or the Internet, you must determine if this IP address is in service. The fastest test is a ping, which sends a signal that the IP address returns. Pinging currently returns no data, and the ping times out after 10 attempts, as of September 2015. This is an indication that a device attached to is not in use or that the address is reserved for special use, so it can’t be used to test for a slow or dead router.

However, if you have access to the IP address of the router in question – or you’re allowed to assign it one – you can use ping to test it directly. Another test, traceroute, can show you how long it takes for traffic from your computer to get to the misbehaving router. This test is useful for finding other network problems that can interfere with routers connected to the Internet. If you need even more information, try WhoIs, DNS records and network lookup. These tests can tell you to whom a network device belongs, the organization’s contact information and so on.

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