How Can You Troubleshoot Your Laptop's Internet Connection?

How Can You Troubleshoot Your Laptop's Internet Connection?

The first step in troubleshooting the laptopメs Internet connection is to check all the cable connections and to reboot all devices. Disconnect the power supply to the modem and leave it unplugged for some time.

When the modem is unplugged, disconnect all the other devices connected to the modem from the power supply. The devices may include the router, hub, switch or some other network device. Restart the laptop that has the Internet connection issue. Reconnect all the network devices to the power supply and then turn on the power supply to the modem.

If the laptop still does not connect to the Internet, try to diagnose whether any individual device within the network is the cause of the issue. Locate the USB cable that connects the modem to the computer. In case the cable connects to any other device apart from the computer, disconnect it and connect it to an

Ethernet port on the computer. Turn off the power to the modem and then power it on after some time.

If the Internet now connects, then check each of the intermediate disconnected network devices for issues that cause them to obstruct the connection. If it still does not connect, run the Internet connection diagnostic tests on the laptop. Check whether there is a valid IP address. If the laptop still does not connect, diagnose any hardware issues, after checking that it does not connect to other networks as well.