How Can You Transfer Pictures From a Broken Laptop to a New One?


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The easiest way to move files from a broken laptop that will not boot up is to take out the hard drive and connect it to another PC in order to back them up. It is helpful if the user is comfortable with opening up PCs.

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There are two main types of removable drive on a laptop. Most are removable by unlocking the drive either by a locking switch or by screws and then pulling on the drive bay out of the side of the laptop. Some laptops have a panel covering the hard drive. This is removable by using a screwdriver and lifting the hard drive away from its connector.

Once the drive is removed, connect it either to a desktop PC or to another laptop by using an external hard drive enclosure. For long-term use in a desktop PC, install a laptop drive in a 2.5-inch drive bay. It may require an adapter if the hard drive connectors are not the same as the desktop PC's connectors. An external hard drive enclosure can house the hard drive which the user can then connect to another PC via USB cable. Any files or photographs are accessible by using the chosen operating system's file explorer software.

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