How Can I Transfer Photos From My Laptop to My IPhone?

Using the iTunes application on your laptop allows you to transmit photos from your computer to your iPhone. Moving photos to your iPhone is similar to the process used to move videos or music to your phone.By using the "Photos" icon and syncing all photos, your images will be shared between devices simply and quickly.

  1. Open iTunes

    Click the iTunes icon on your laptop to open the program. Insert your USB power cord into your iPhone, then plug the other end into a USB port on your laptop.

  2. Click the device button

    Locate the device button on the top right of iTunes that says the name of the iPhone you are syncing. If you sync more than one device on this laptop, you may see more than one device listed. Click the iPhone's name to select it.

  3. Click "Photos"

    Find the "Photos" menu item at the top of the iTunes window, and click to select. The "Photos" screen opens.

  4. Sync photos

    Click the "Sync photos from" option at the top left of the screen. In the menu at the end of the line, choose the location on your laptop from which you want to pull photos to sync. Click the "All photos" or "Selected albums" option depending on whether you want to sync all photos from an album or only a selected few.

  5. Apply the sync

    Click "Apply" to finish moving the photos to your iPhone.