How Can You Transfer Data on a Samsung Phone?


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To transfer data onto a Samsung phone, use the iCloud, iTunes or the Samsung SmartSwitch mobile app. The method to use depends on the model of the other device, but not all devices are transferable.

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If transferring data from an iPhone or iPad, it is possible to use the iCloud or iTunes. By using iCloud, you can transfer information such as photos, contacts, text messages, alarms, calendar events and more. Back up the information on iCloud, and then download the Samsung SmartSwitch mobile app on the Samsung phone. Open the Samsung SmartSwitch app, and then follow the instructions to transfer data. If using iTunes, the same process occurs, but use a computer instead of another device.

If transferring data from an Android device to a Samsung phone, start the process by downloading the Samsung SmartSwitch mobile app on both devices. To begin the transfer, make sure the devices are within 4 inches of each other, and then choose the content on the old device to transfer to the new device. The transfer occurs after pressing the OK button.

Only iOS devices and devices compatible with the GooglePlay store are eligible for this type of transfer, as of 2015. For best results, it is important to backup data on the old phone before attempting to transfer it to the new phone.

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