Can You Track a Cheating Spouse With GPS?

Can You Track a Cheating Spouse With GPS?

It is possible to track a cheating spouse with GPS. Global positioning system tracking devices allow access to each location a person has traveled and the person?s location in real-time.

Global positioning tracking devices can send a text message or email to a person?s mobile phone, if his partner leaves or goes back home. A person can monitor his partner?s movements from home, office, park or any other location, says Tracking System Direct.

There are two types of tracking systems: real-time and passive. While the two tracking systems both provide information about where a person has traveled, only real-time tracking devices provide information of events as they unfold in real-time. However, passive GPS systems are more economical for vehicle tracking.

Vehicle-tracking units, such as global positioning system tracking keys, are cheap and easy to install. However, a person has to remove the tracking unit from the vehicle and download the data to access information on locations traveled. With real-time tracking systems, he only needs to have access to a computer and watch live as everything is taking place.

Placing a GPS tracker on a spouse?s vehicle may be legal or illegal, according to Divorce Net. In the United States, some states have set up laws to determine the legal and illegal use of GPS tracking devices. In some states, installing a GPS tracking system on a vehicle that belongs to someone else may attract a lawsuit.