How Can You Trace a Text From a Pinger Account?

can-trace-text-pinger-account Credit: Tara Moore/Taxi/Getty Images

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly trace a text from a Pinger account using a software application. You can, however, use an online reverse cell phone directory to trace the number from which the text originated.

There is an option of using free online reverse cell phone directories; these may have some limitations because they lack extensive information. Paid services are much better. If you are dealing with unwanted text messages on Pinger, you can block the number to avoid future contact. Simply slide your finger across the screen on the offending text message. A pop-up button on the screen should give you the Delete (the message) option. After selecting this action, an additional pop up box will give you three options: Cancel, Block User, and Just Delete. Choose the Block User option to block all future messages from the number in question.