How Can You Get a Totally Free Laptop?


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Two possible ways to get a laptop for free are promotional programs of major manufacturers and the recycling of obsolete equipment. Intel, Walmart and Dell are among the companies that ran limited-time promotional sweepstakes during 2015. Free Stuff Finder links to some current promotions. Freecycle is one group that gives away equipment directly to individuals.

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Many models become obsolete before they are worn out because of the fast development of computer technology. Some companies, public institutions and private individuals donate their old computers for redistribution to the needy. The Nonprofit Recycle & Reuse Network runs one such operation, but it does not directly distribute equipment to individuals. It recommends that interested persons get involved in community work, particularly computer literacy classes, at a local organization such as a church or the scouts, and apply on behalf of the organization.

Freecycle is a network of non-profit organizations connecting individuals giving things away with others looking for free products, with the purpose of reducing waste. As of 2015, it has around 5 million members in local groups in 85 countries, including the United States, and its website has a search function to find them. No particular requirements are necessary to benefit from offers, apart from membership, which is free.

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