How Can You Get Your Toolbar Back in Internet Explorer?

How Can You Get Your Toolbar Back in Internet Explorer?

Reveal your Internet Explorer menu bar and toolbar by pressing the Alt or F11 keys on your keyboard. This method works when you have accidentally hidden the menu and toolbar, or if you have set the browser to full-screen mode. You only need an Internet-ready computer and Internet Explorer to get started.

  1. Turn on the computer

    Start the computer, and wait for the Windows operating system to load. Select your user account on the login screen, and enter your password if necessary.

  2. Open Internet Explorer

    Click the Internet Explorer tile on the Windows 8 Start screen. Alternatively, double-click the Internet Explorer icon on the Windows 7 desktop or taskbar. Wait a few seconds for Internet Explorer to load.

  3. Reveal the toolbar

    Once Internet Explorer opens, press the Alt key to reveal the menu bar and toolbar. If you already have Internet Explorer open and pressing Alt does not help, press the F11 key. This key turns off full-screen mode, providing an option to view your menu bar and toolbar.

  4. Display the toolbar permanently

    Click the Tools button from the menu, and select Toolbars. Next, click the Menu Bar option to view the menu bar and toolbar each time you open Internet Explorer.