How Can You Get TomTom GPS Updates for Free?


The free update process for TomTom GPS devices varies depending on whether the device uses the MyDrive or TomTom HOME software. Both processes require the TomTom device to be on and plugged in to a PC or Mac. Updates are downloaded and installed through the TomTom HOME or MyDrive software.

To update a TomTom device using the MyDrive software, connect the GPS device to a PC or Mac using its USB cable and turn it on. MyDrive opens automatically, or by clicking the MyDrive Connect icon and selecting MyDrive, inside the default web browser. After logging in to MyDrive, any available updates are displayed and can be installed by selecting My Content and clicking Update. The update progress is displayed, and the TomTom device can be disconnected once it is complete.

To update a TomTom device using TomTom HOME, connect the device to a PC or Mac with a USB cable while powered on. TomTom HOME automatically checks for updates, but users may manually update by clicking Update My Device in the software menu. New applications are on the next screen and can be selected for installation. Click Download Updates to download and install the new applications and updates. Click Done when finished. Remove the TomTom device using the safe removal procedure for your PC or Mac.