Where Can You Find Tips for Managing Your Kindle?


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Tips for managing a Kindle device are found online at Amazon and PC Magazine, as of 2015. Amazon provides a brief illustrated guide that explains how to charge, operate and register a new Kindle device. Users are also given a clear diagram that displays basic control functions.

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PC Magazine's online guide provides Kindle users with a review of several features, including connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network, adjusting fonts and installing apps. Charging the Kindle requires plugging it into the USB port on a computer, which receives power from an outlet. The device typically takes 4 to 6 hours to charge. Kindles with Wi-Fi are able to connect to either a private or public network. In order to gain access to downloading functions, it is necessary to register the Kindle. Registration is accessed from the home menu screen, and users must scroll down the settings to find it. The user is required to enter a user name and password.

Kindle users can easily customize their reading experience by adjusting the style and size of fonts. This is done by opening a book or magazine, and going into font settings. Amazon provides Kindle users with an array of free Kindle apps, allowing users to synchronize reading content with compatible devices.

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