How Can You Test Your Internet Speed?


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You can test your Internet speed by going to a website that offers an online speed test such as SpeedOf.Me. Online speed tests download and upload files between your computer and a test server to determine the speed and quality of your Internet connection.

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How Can You Test Your Internet Speed?
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Internet speed tests such as SpeedOf.Me test your Internet connection by downloading files of varying size beginning with the smallest. If the smallest file is downloaded quickly enough, the test continues with a larger file. The files continue to grow in size until it takes more than a certain amount of time, usually a matter of seconds, to download it. The speed test then uploads part of the file back to the test server and calculates the upload speed of your Internet connection.

Internet speed tests may give incorrect results if your computer uses security measures such as a firewall or proxy server. It is also recommended to test with different web browsers and compare the results. Internet speed tests can also be used with mobile devices to test cellular data speeds.

Other websites such as Speedtest.net offer additional online services to test the speed and quality of your Internet connection, including quality analyzers and indexes of speed tests according to location. These indexes allow users to compare their Internet connections with other broadband customers.

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