How Can You Tell If Your Computer Is 64-Bit?


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Although there are many ways to check if a computer is running on the 64-bit version of Windows, the easiest one involves opening the Control Panel of the computer and checking its specifications on the System Properties window. This process takes less than two minutes.

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  1. Open the specifications window of the computer

    Go to Windows, click Start, then Control Panel, and select the Performance and Maintenance option. If the Control Panel runs on classic view, then click the System link, because the Performance and Maintenance option does not appear in classic view.

  2. Locate the System Properties window

    Check for the window that displays the image of a computer monitor with a Microsoft Windows logo on the background. The window is marked “System Properties” and contains other tabs such as System Restore, Automatic Updates, Remote, General, Computer Name, Hardware and Advance. A detailed overview of the specifications of the computer is provided on the right side of the image, under the General tab.

  3. Interpret the information displayed about the version of Windows

    Your computer is operating on 32-bit version if the window displays “Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version.” Computers that run on the 64-bit version of Windows display “Microsoft Windows Professional x64 Edition” and the year of production at the end of the statement.

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