How Can You Tell How Common Your Name Is?


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By researching the popularity of your name over time, recent naming trends and worldwide use, you can determine whether your name is common or not. Several websites provide tools to research this information, including HowManyOfMe.com, Name Statistics, Official Social Security Website, Behind the Name and Baby Name Wizard.

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For users 13 years of age or older, HowManyOfMe.com lets you search for first and last names to compare the commonality of each name in the United States. Specific figures are available due to the site's use of information from the census of 2000. However, many previously rare names have become common in recent years, as shown on the Baby Name Wizard graph. This graph does not specify the rarity of names, but does show trends for each name over many years.

Name Statistics does not provide details on how many people share the same name, but the website specifies whether a particular name is common, uncommon or very rare. Behind the Name operates in a similar fashion by showing the popularity rankings for names across the world. The Official Social Security Website also lists popularity rankings by year and provides up-to-date information on how many babies were recently born with a specific name.

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