How Can Television Be Watched on a Laptop?


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There are several ways to watch television on a laptop, including paid streaming sites, downloaded applications from cable and satellite companies and connecting HDMI or other cables to your television. Using HDMI or S-Video cables is more involved, but allows the television content to broadcast seamlessly on a laptop.

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Streaming sites such as Netflix allow users to stream content to a laptop or mobile device. While Netflix has movies, it also offers options to stream many recent and older television shows.

Cable companies, such as Optimum, offer apps that allow viewers to browse listings and watch live TV, provided that they have a paid subscription to the company.

To watch live television on a laptop, an HDMI cable can be connected from the laptop to the TV. Less modern television sets will require S-Video or VGA cables. In older models, audio and video are separate, so older connections are needed. Once the cables are connected, the user must adjust monitor resolution and settings on their device. For example, they will need to point the laptop's monitor to a second monitor, and set the screen resolution. Alternatively, a laptop can be connected wirelessly to a Smart TV, which is a television set with special software.

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