How Can Teachers Use StoryBird to Inspire Creative Writing?


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Teachers can use Storybird to inspire creativity by having students choose artwork and create images that are the foundation for their story, poem or essay. Storybird can be used in elementary, middle and high school classrooms across a variety of subjects.

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Storybird is adaptable to a variety of classrooms. It lets elementary students apply their knowledge of story parts and themes to create their own stories, using a combination of pictures and words. Middle school science students can illustrate and explain a science concept. In a high school English class, students can create images to represent abstract ideas, and use their creations as a basis for an essay or poem.

Storybird also provides a collaboration tool for a multitude of applications. Students can work with partners and groups to write different parts of a story, or a whole class can write a story over time. Students from different classes, or even different schools, are able to collaborate on the site as well. Storybird lets parents get involved by giving them the opportunity to read and expand on their children's stories. Once stories or essays are complete, students can view and comment on their classmates' work by viewing the class library.

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