How Can You Talk to the Chatbot Evie With a Microphone?


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Most popular operating systems have a built in speech-to-text dictation application that utilizes the built-in microphones found on most newer models of computers and can be used to talk with the chatbot Evie. These can be accessed under "ease of access" settings or system preferences.

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Using the Google Chrome browser allows users to use their microphone to dictate text into Existor's Evie application. Evie runs on Cleverscript, which was made by Existor. Cleverscript is also used to run other artificial intelligence personalities, such as Cleverbot and Pupito. A user can even create their own application using just a spreadsheet from Google Docs. Some of these applications are available on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and most of these allow for direct speech-to-text dictation.

There are also paid, third-party applications that may operate better for a user's dictation needs. Dragon Naturally Speaking is the most impressive of these programs. Dragon Naturally Speaking creates a unique profile of the user's voice. It can analyze the user's speech mannerisms and characteristics, even learning from speech patterns as the user dictates over time.

Dictation applications like Julius are available for open-source, Linux-based operating systems. Julius offers nearly unlimited parameter customization for optimized performance. However, some knowledge of programming languages is necessary for modification of Julius.

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