Where Can You Find the AT&T DECT 6.0 Manual?


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The AT&T DECT 6.0 manual cannot be found, because no single manual exists. AT&T offers more than 90 different models of DECT 6.0 cordless phones, and each product has a specific manual.

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Find the manual for a specific DECT 6.0 phone by entering the model number into AT&T's manual search tool. This search provides printable PDF manuals and quick start guides for both the American and Canadian markets. Some materials for the Canadian market are available in French as well as English.

DECT 6.0 is a cordless telephone standard. It is a variant of the international DECT standard, and is tailored to meet U.S. regulatory requirements for radio frequency. DECT 6.0 is used exclusively in North America, and is incompatible with phones manufactured for use outside the United States and Canada. Some Australian models are labeled as DECT 6.0-compliant, but this label is used differently in Australia. These models are not compatible with North American frequencies.

U.S. regulations forbid the use of non-DECT 6.0 standards because the most common international DECT frequencies fall between 1,880 and 1,900 megahertz. In North America, the 1,900-MHz frequency is allocated for cellular telephone service; it is the primary band for GSM networks in both the United States and Canada. DECT 6.0 uses a higher frequency to avoid interference with cellular communications.

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