Can You Sync an IPod With Two Computers?


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An iPod can be synced with more than one computer by unchecking all items in the media category, along with 'open iTunes when this device is connected,' before performing the first sync on the first computer, followed by connecting to the second computer and syncing again, making sure to select yes when the erase warning is issued; this will only erase media content, which should not be available as it has already been deselected. This process can be performed on multiple apple devices, for as many computers as desired.

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When syncing, understanding how data is sorted is important, as this is what determines how and where various data can be stored.

Data is broken down into four categories:

  • Data
  • This contains information such as contacts, email accounts, calendar information and so on. In addition to syncing with iTunes, this can also be synced wirelessly through Microsoft Exchange.

  • Media
  • Movies, music, podcasts and audiobooks fall under this category.

  • Photos
  • All photos are included in this category.

  • Apps
  • All downloaded apps fall into this category.

These types of data cannot be split up, so all music should be saved on one computer for example, with all photos on another, although two or more categories may be saved on one computer. It is not possible for example, to save some music, and some photos on one computer via sync.

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