How Can You Sum in Excel?

Add values in Microsoft Excel using the SUM function =SUM ( Number1, Number2, ... Number255 ), which adds up columns or rows of numbers. "Number" represents the values in cells to be summed.

  1. Identify the syntax and arguments

    The syntax is written "=SUM ( Number1, Number2, ... Number255 )," and "Number1, Number2" are the arguments. Each argument can be a range, a cell reference, an array, a constant, a formula or the result from another function.

  2. Insert the SUM Function

    Select the cell or location where the sum results should be displayed. Insert the SUM function from the function menu list.

  3. Select the data

    Select the data or range of data in columns or rows which you want to add up. Empty cells, logical values or text in the array or reference are ignored.

  4. Find the result

    Adding data or a range of data automatically returns the sum result in the cell.